in the midst of reading the Rough Guides to Scandinavia….

why does Denmark sound so dull, while Norway sound so nice?

(maybe, partially, because the one thing that i go without, unlike most, is unusually expensive in Norway. and that’s alcohol.)

saw this on Houzz..


Let’s take using cloth towels instead of paper towels for cleanup:

Excuse: “Some things are just too gross to wipe up with cloth.”
Solution: Use really cheap rags for messy chores and throw them right in a hamper in the kitchen. Also, don’t be afraid to replace old rags from time to time — and go ahead and keep a roll of paper towels hidden away for emergencies. No one said you have to go cold turkey.

What??? Is throwing away cheap rags more environmentally friendly than paper towels???

Up Side Down

Just discovered this “reblog” option. So hopefully I’m using it correctly and you guys get to see this pretty cool pic. :)


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Swimming Pool Optical Illusion

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good reasons

this article on the New York Times “Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?” is an absorbing read.

and this book, We Need To Talk About Kevin (get from Amazon, the online store with everything!) are two fantastic reasons not to have kids.

(my apologies to long-time, new, soon-to-be, and hopeful parents out there.)

tripletown & mafia vs police

i’m hooked on tripletown and now mafia vs police (an inevitable copycat, although it has its own distinctive flavour which makes it equally enjoyable).

now i’m thinking.. if only real life worked like that.

put 3 grains of rice together and you get a sushi, put 3 sushi together and you get a don.

put 3 twigs together and you get a branch, put 3 branches together and you get a tree.

put 3 cocoa beans together and you get a chocolate bar, put 3 chocolate bars together and you get a chocolate cake.

put 3 1-cent coins together and you get a 10-cent coin, put 3 10-cent coins together and you get a dollar.

put 3 kids together and you get a (immature?) adult, put 3 adults together and you get the hulk!


places that don’t exist on bing maps


  • Lyudao, aka Green Island
  • Jiufen
  • Jinguashi

(Interestingly, the Taroko Gorge is listed as a standalone ‘city’.)


  • Miyajima (which only appears as not-so-near Hatsukaichi)
  • Togakushi – where the amazing Ninja House is located
  • Yudanaka – onsen town minutes away from the Jigokudani snow monkeys


  • North Ari Atoll or Ellaidhoo – whatever our resort’s island is called

Sri Lanka:

  • Sabaragamuwa – where Adam’s Peak / Sri Pada stands
Other places I want to visit:
  • Romance in Europe – Switzerland, Italy, France (I am sooooo envious of of Hao/Min’s honeymoon!)
  • North OR South pole (or even both!)
  • California, USA – Las Vegas! LegoLand! (and to visit ‘leenie!)
  • Or any other LegoLands! (the one in Johor is opening soon…)