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St. Ives soap!

I <3 St. Ives!

Long time no post

Finally logged in (because I wanted to leave a comment on someone’s blog that didn’t allow anonymous access), so here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to.

It’s been slightly over a year that I’ve started work as a penetration tester (a.k.a the “hacker” facet of IT auditing, although I’ll use the term “hack” only to impress young poly students). It’s “the Good Life” here, with a wonderful (direct, don’t know the rest well) manager and wonderful colleagues. One of the highlights is having a 20-minute commute instead of 120-minute in a jam; although I miss seeing the Marina skyline.

I’ve spent my free time mostly reading (comic-detective fiction) and re-reading (gone through Mercedes Lackey and going through Anne McCaffrey), often planning and re-planning (Sweden?? Norway?? Russia??) my northern lights expedition for the next spring break, and less often trying out recipes and blaming my aging oven when they fail.

ps: Planning to go Nusa Lembongan, Bali for my first dive in mid-Sep 2013 (yes, that’s less than two months away), anyone want to join in?


facial scrub (mine is neutrogena) tastes terrible. and the taste lingers even after you gargle and rinse a dozen times.

please follow instructions on the label and avoid accidental ingestion.

i’m going to drink some listerine to get the taste out. blearghhhh.

Up Side Down

Just discovered this “reblog” option. So hopefully I’m using it correctly and you guys get to see this pretty cool pic. :)


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Swimming Pool Optical Illusion

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tripletown & mafia vs police

i’m hooked on tripletown and now mafia vs police (an inevitable copycat, although it has its own distinctive flavour which makes it equally enjoyable).

now i’m thinking.. if only real life worked like that.

put 3 grains of rice together and you get a sushi, put 3 sushi together and you get a don.

put 3 twigs together and you get a branch, put 3 branches together and you get a tree.

put 3 cocoa beans together and you get a chocolate bar, put 3 chocolate bars together and you get a chocolate cake.

put 3 1-cent coins together and you get a 10-cent coin, put 3 10-cent coins together and you get a dollar.

put 3 kids together and you get a (immature?) adult, put 3 adults together and you get the hulk!


oh dear

wondering about the origins of “oh dear”, as in “oh dear i forgot to bring my wallet.” or “oh dear the NEL broke down AGAIN”.

it’s a phrase expressing frustration/worry/etc and interestingly, it makes use of a term of endearment, “dear”. ¬†why? why would anyone call anything troublesome a “dear”?

(or maybe english is tricky and “dear” is actually used for its other meaning, synonymous to expensive, so “oh dear” expresses the idea that whatever it is, it’s going to be pricey to resolve. but i doubt it.)