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self portrait at company dinner& dance

One of the first to arrive at the company annual dinner.. The first, really, since everyone else who is here already are either a) one of the event organizers, b) performing on stage. And there are the waiting staff (as in, waiters and waitresses, not as in, me who is waiting for everyone) who declined my request for plain water because the event hasn’t started. But the invite said 6pm!!!!

Anyway, here’s a shot of me, in my DSTA jersey, at the EY dinner. Heh.

picture of Hammie at MBS

Lastly, the combination of company initials and color scheme makes me feel like I’m at a Eusoff Hall event.

Going to play more Scramble with Friends and Drop 7!

130 minutes of basketball

usually my weekly basketball regime is as follows:

  1. arrive, change, stretch
  2. wait about 15 minutes for my team’s turn
  3. play about 15 minutes
  4. repeat steps 2 & 3 until it’s time to leave

“arrive” is about 7.00, “time to leave” would be about 9.30… so that works out to 5 sessions x 15 = 75 minutes of play time, with a matching amount of rest time.

yesterday i attempted something i haven’t done since my JC/university days – play basketball non-stop for 2+ hours. i enjoyed it greatly :)  i’m now paying for my heroic attempts at youth… with my aching arms and legs – but in the words of Ronald MacDonald’s marketing dept – i’m lovin’ it!

other relevant news from the sports section of this blog: i was supposed to go for another basketball session with the girls at IRAS, but i decided to conserve my energy for… *drum roll* ROCK CLIMBING ON LABOUR DAY. yet something else i haven’t done for a long time! i’m aiming to complete at least 4 easy routes. being able to do one of medium difficulty will be a great bonus to me…

… and hopefully i won’t be too ragged to go for my next interview at E&Y on wednesday!

pro bono work

my so-called unemployment. i’ve spent:

Month no. 1 – 9 to 6 pro bono work as an IT consultant/accountant/data entry, where i implemented MYOB and keyed in all data dating from April 2012 to prepare my father’s company’s accounts for tax reporting purposes.

Month no. 2 – two lovely weeks in beautiful Tibet and another two weeks in post-holiday bliss, while trying to mug for the cisa examination in december. also finished my new room’s renovation.

Month no. 3 – actually got down to mugging for cisa, and also started to prepare for my february wedding.

Month no. 4 – except for 4 days of solo backpacking in Vietnam, the rest was spent full time planning for the perfect wedding and the perfect honeymoon.

Month no. 5 – my favourite month of all! wedding > maldives > sri lanka > kota kinabalu.

Month no. 6 – start of my job hunt, when i finally updated my 4 years old resume. also starting playing basketball regularly again, averaging about twice a week.

Month no. 7 – pro bono work for my parents again, this time as a part-time accountant/debt collector/customer liaison. in the morning my mom chauffeurs me to clients whose invoices are due, in the afternoon i keep the manual accounts up to date, at night my husband and i go around newton circus to take orders and collect payment.

i feel like the long months of unemployment are eating away at my IT skills, making me unemployable by the IT industry, and leaving me an empty shell :s … i’m looking forward to re-entering the work force and using my newly earned CISA knowledge! i want to make all teh softwarez high quality! secured! a delight to everybody who uses/changes/maintains it!

(and also, i’ve only saved enough for a year so it’s either getting a proper job or negotiating for an allowance from my parents…)

job application form

starting the “send out truckloads of resumes!” phase of my job hunt. ‘truckloads’ referring to 4, because it’s pretty much do-or-die objective of getting into a big 4 accounting firm. and one of these requires me to fill in an application form, a la job applications to government or statutory boards. i’m pretty much stuck on that, on a philosophical basis.

the said application form is a pretty intrusive questionnaire that quizzes (almost) as deeply as the MINDEF background checks. i have to provide my recent photo, ethnic origin, religion, marital status. i have to provide my kids’ (not that i have any) age, gender, D.O.B, and school/employer. i have to provide my parents’ AND siblings’ age, employer, and job position.

i can’t help but wonder – are they intending to discrimate against people of a certain… type? do they have racial quotas to meet? are they covertly a religious institution?

may birthday baby

our group photo turned out really really blurred. it’s so blur that i am in awe of the photographer. she’s got mad photog skillz!

blur blur

anyway… back to topic! only one birthday baby in may amongst my colleagues… following our recently established “tradition”, the birthday dinner was planned by our april birthday babies… while the next birthday outing (july, i think, since there aren’t any june babies) will be planned by our may birthday baby.

(some of) the food

oddly, the restaurant (bosses, a.k.a. “hei1 se1 hui4” @ vivocity) doesn’t allow pictures of their food. you may take photos of the food WITH your friends, but not the food alone. prejudice against the food blogger-photographers? i’m not too fond of taking photos of people eating, so we move on to the cake:

birthday baby

mmm. cake.

for download of photos, including a proper-sized and not-blur group photo:

picasaweb (opens in new window/tab)

fun at work

me: hey, what’s a ushort data type?
colleague: think the system scolding you

real answer:

and amazingly: