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self portrait at company dinner& dance

One of the first to arrive at the company annual dinner.. The first, really, since everyone else who is here already are either a) one of the event organizers, b) performing on stage. And there are the waiting staff (as in, waiters and waitresses, not as in, me who is waiting for everyone) who declined my request for plain water because the event hasn’t started. But the invite said 6pm!!!!

Anyway, here’s a shot of me, in my DSTA jersey, at the EY dinner. Heh.

picture of Hammie at MBS

Lastly, the combination of company initials and color scheme makes me feel like I’m at a Eusoff Hall event.

Going to play more Scramble with Friends and Drop 7!

living on a prayer

that’s what the radio is playing… and it just seemed oddly related.

hah. anyway… on my morning commute (that’s about 10 minutes of standing by the road + 10 minutes of sitting in a cab) i was thinking that i have a house loan that eats up a huge chunk of my income each month. so i have $2k of “disposable” income monthly and i’m living comfortably. more is better, but at present it just means i get to go on holidays… annually? good enough.
so in 20 years when i finish paying up the house loan, i could look for some respectable clerical job that gives me 20+ days of leave and just $2k monthly salary. (although, after adjustment for inflation, to live the same lifestyle as present, the number would be more like, say, $3300. i’m not too sure if salaries for clerical jobs will increase that much. i better start lobby for better benefits for clerical types.)

saw this on Houzz..


Let’s take using cloth towels instead of paper towels for cleanup:

Excuse: “Some things are just too gross to wipe up with cloth.”
Solution: Use really cheap rags for messy chores and throw them right in a hamper in the kitchen. Also, don’t be afraid to replace old rags from time to time — and go ahead and keep a roll of paper towels hidden away for emergencies. No one said you have to go cold turkey.

What??? Is throwing away cheap rags more environmentally friendly than paper towels???

good reasons

this article on the New York Times “Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?” is an absorbing read.

and this book, We Need To Talk About Kevin (get from Amazon, the online store with everything!) are two fantastic reasons not to have kids.

(my apologies to long-time, new, soon-to-be, and hopeful parents out there.)

Waiting at SGH…

Queuing is very much a part of Singaporean life, but I wonder if they could do away with some of it by staffing more cashiers. Usually Clinic H (where my dad visits for his post-op checkups) has three cashiers, and another two nurses handling appointment booking.

After noon, either because the cashiers are on a long lunch break or because they only work morning shifts, the clinic is left with only one cashier. And she handles double duty booking appointments. Imagine every other patient with long-winded requests or questions… all adds up to an overflowing queue.

One of the patients just complained about the long wait (I heard it loud and clear because I’m taking up one of the ‘Reserved for Elderly’ seats right in front of the cashier/appointmenter) and the nurse retorted that she’s the only one doing all the work so patients must be, well, patient. When queried why none of the other nurses milling about behind the counter aren’t giving her a hand? The rest are new to the job and can’t handle it.

Ehhhhhhhh. There’s something wrong with the system somewhere. *sigh*

130 minutes of basketball

usually my weekly basketball regime is as follows:

  1. arrive, change, stretch
  2. wait about 15 minutes for my team’s turn
  3. play about 15 minutes
  4. repeat steps 2 & 3 until it’s time to leave

“arrive” is about 7.00, “time to leave” would be about 9.30… so that works out to 5 sessions x 15 = 75 minutes of play time, with a matching amount of rest time.

yesterday i attempted something i haven’t done since my JC/university days – play basketball non-stop for 2+ hours. i enjoyed it greatly :)  i’m now paying for my heroic attempts at youth… with my aching arms and legs – but in the words of Ronald MacDonald’s marketing dept – i’m lovin’ it!

other relevant news from the sports section of this blog: i was supposed to go for another basketball session with the girls at IRAS, but i decided to conserve my energy for… *drum roll* ROCK CLIMBING ON LABOUR DAY. yet something else i haven’t done for a long time! i’m aiming to complete at least 4 easy routes. being able to do one of medium difficulty will be a great bonus to me…

… and hopefully i won’t be too ragged to go for my next interview at E&Y on wednesday!