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universal power strips to charge US gadgets in SG. or UK.

after some late-night research, here’s some possibilities with no order of preference and no indication of the price, vendor or even (free) global shipping.

(links are courtesy of amazon affiliates which i’m trying out to earn nickels and dimes.)

places that don’t exist on bing maps


  • Lyudao, aka Green Island
  • Jiufen
  • Jinguashi

(Interestingly, the Taroko Gorge is listed as a standalone ‘city’.)


  • Miyajima (which only appears as not-so-near Hatsukaichi)
  • Togakushi – where the amazing Ninja House is located
  • Yudanaka – onsen town minutes away from the Jigokudani snow monkeys


  • North Ari Atoll or Ellaidhoo – whatever our resort’s island is called

Sri Lanka:

  • Sabaragamuwa – where Adam’s Peak / Sri Pada stands
Other places I want to visit:
  • Romance in Europe – Switzerland, Italy, France (I am sooooo envious of of Hao/Min’s honeymoon!)
  • North OR South pole (or even both!)
  • California, USA – Las Vegas! LegoLand! (and to visit ‘leenie!)
  • Or any other LegoLands! (the one in Johor is opening soon…)

fifth of many!

okay.. hopefully five is many.. ‘coz i’m tired out le.. haha.. one last post for today.. really wanna blog about my birthday actually.. but iannnnnn! photos!!! *haha* and if i drag it out long enough, maybe i’ll be able to get a camera to take pictures of the prezzies! ;)

umm. let’s see. last post. floorball? shopping? haha. let’s leave floorball for another day… when i can get some pictures.. (by the way, i want to get the floorball stick! aiming for the same one that zhao has.. that hjh has.. that qj has.. haha.. dunno why, just like it a lot.. even though it’s too long for me :p)

went to central @ clarke quay for shopping.. last saturday? haa… wanted to get a nice denim skirt (ehh, yes, i have lots of them.. but none long enough for work :p), but seems like i’ve managed to be very un-trendy or something.. because none of the stores sold denim skirts!!! :o think i only found one denim miniskirt.. and that’s it.. the whole mall.. with half a hundred stores or something.. alamak.. haha.. anyway, the shopping part was really disappointing.. think too much stuff for me to process le.. just felt lost all the time.. but but but, the eating part is wonderful! haha, thanks to huihuang for recommending the cheese sausage with mashed potato at chippy’s.. really yummy! think i’m going to have that again the next time i end up wandering aimlessly at raffles city (haha, yea, not central.. don’t think i’ll head there anytime soon!). and and and, hoonie told me about a ‘japanese snack store’.. waha! heaven! got a whole bunch of goodies.. setting aside half of it for zel’s food hamper ;) oh oh, spotted some shearites that day! there was our ex-hall prez with fiancee, ex-do.. sa? err. can’t remember le. the one who handles the social stuff de. and there was also teh hockey idol, blk b sam!

then went to my aunt’s place for a “family dinner”… ah.. some catering with some bbq.. with lots of relatives.. a bit like chinese new year reunion dinner like that.. err.. most of my relatives are..well.. too normal. or maybe bcoz not familiar ba. but everytime they grill me on my studies and my work! haiyo..

by the way, i have a craving for sushi!! haha.. better go check if ailin has a job now.. lol.. then finally we can go for jap buffet!


here’s a list of material wants i have, just in time for those of you who are thinking long and hard about a certain special day coming in less than a couple of weeks ;) for those of you who aren’t… well.. deepavali, hari raya puasa, christmas, or even new year’s eve are all great days to make me happy. (who says money can’t buy happiness huh?)

don’t think about it as me being greedy, think about it as me trying to help you think less :p (also, i’ve been procrastinating making a list like this (see item 1!) just for myself when i head to the comics store!)

and here, vaguely in order of want:

1. generation x comics (published by marvel): #1-17, #19, #20, #25, #26, #28, #30, #31, #33, #39-41, #47, #49, #50, #53, #55-58, #60, #63, #68, #70-71, #73, #75 onwards, the november issue of the  “deluxe” edition, and any issues before ’97 or after ’99 of the “annual edition”.

2. canon eos 40d. or just about any camera in the canon powershot range.

3. a wallet from which things don’t just… drop out.

4. new running shoes. not that i run, but it seems like just playing basketball and badminton is enough to wear down the soles of my current pair.

5. a nice slim penknife made by olfa. because i have what seems like a lifetime refill supply.

6. a pass card holder that looks nice, doesn’t have a tacky plasticky feel, and won’t get shredded by me in a month. silly card has to be taken in and out all the time; not good for the holder’s health.

7. the necronomicon pillow book! remember this post?

i want!