(apr 2011)

hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since i started blogging (here). i’m now 26-going-on-to-27, and although most of the world’s late 20-year-olds are already “adults”, i still feel very much like the years haven’t passed at all. i can only hope that i have grown to be more kind, more forgiving, and (warning: yucky “adult” word alert!) more responsible. i feel obliged by society-at-large to chart my next 60 years and determine how i intend to be a contributing citizen; but frankly, i’m perplexed with figuring out how to plan my next six months.

right now, i’m challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone. to take up the first steps to opening new career paths; to student-morph myself and gain more accreditations by stepping into the fields of IT auditing and accounting/auditing. i have another 5 days to decide before the application closes for the june exams of both CISA and ACCA, and then i’ll have either gained more time to decide or lost precious time dilly-dallying (it all depends on your POV) until the december exams.

i don’t know if i’ll pick up the gauntlet that i’ve thrown at myself, but it’s plaguing me so much that i can’t write a proper personal growth/development summary thingamajig. but that’s all me, i suppose. :)

ps: now, i struggle through each day of work, play basketball with varying degrees of enthusiasm, play floorball never, but i’m still blessed with good friends and good food. thank you, you all.

(nov 2007)

wow.  this page was last updated about 18 months ago. it’s like a binary time capsule. on reading it, i feel both amused, and also feel like kicking myself for being annoying.

so who am i now?

a lost little girl having a midlife crisis, i hope, if nothing else but so that i can accurate predict that i will be gone in another 23 years time. half a century seems to be too long to live for. meanwhile, i have to somehow deal with the fact that being not normal isn’t easy. but i want nothing to do with normality. i want to be different. i want to have interesting things to write about when describing myself! *grr*

at the same time, i’m perfectly contented as it is. work a third of my time away in a blink of an eye, play basketball and floorball like it’s forever and still yearn for more, read and laugh my heart out or cry my eyes out, and enjoy the company of good friends and good food in equally extreme measures.

i wonder how i will be like in another year and a half?

(feb 2006)

*han… has nothing interesting to say about herself.
(except that she likes to talk about herself in the third-person.)

but to be boringly informative, han is 21 years old, living somewhere slightly south (or is it north?) of the equator, and more precisely, in sheares hall, and less often, at home in bukit panjang. han is studying computing but her only A+ grade came from the business school and she has plenty of C’s from her core modules, so something is very wrong. han is in hall publications (where she desperately tries to brush up on her english grammar) and photocomm (where she desperately tries to usurp the camera for personal use constantly). han is studying in this semester a variety of things: probability (P(han gets CAP 5)=0), communication theories (like, conspiracy theories), animal behaviour (who wants to be my subject?), german (Deustch!) and some crazy yucky cs module.

and han likes lots of things. han likes to eat. han likes to eat chocolate (schokolade!), she prefers dark chocolate to milk chocolate. han likes to sleep (schlafen!). han can sleep for twelve full hours and still feel sleepy. han likes to listen to music (muzik hören!). han listens to alternative rock and sappy ballads and especially songs that remind her of carnivals. han loves to play basketball (Basketball spielen!). han wants to play basketball now now now.

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