Long time no post

Finally logged in (because I wanted to leave a comment on someone’s blog that didn’t allow anonymous access), so here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to.

It’s been slightly over a year that I’ve started work as a penetration tester (a.k.a the “hacker” facet of IT auditing, although I’ll use the term “hack” only to impress young poly students). It’s “the Good Life” here, with a wonderful (direct, don’t know the rest well) manager and wonderful colleagues. One of the highlights is having a 20-minute commute instead of 120-minute in a jam; although I miss seeing the Marina skyline.

I’ve spent my free time mostly reading (comic-detective fiction) and re-reading (gone through Mercedes Lackey and going through Anne McCaffrey), often planning and re-planning (Sweden?? Norway?? Russia??) my northern lights expedition for the next spring break, and less often trying out recipes and blaming my aging oven when they fail.

ps: Planning to go Nusa Lembongan, Bali for my first dive in mid-Sep 2013 (yes, that’s less than two months away), anyone want to join in?

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