living on a prayer

that’s what the radio is playing… and it just seemed oddly related.

hah. anyway… on my morning commute (that’s about 10 minutes of standing by the road + 10 minutes of sitting in a cab) i was thinking that i have a house loan that eats up a huge chunk of my income each month. so i have $2k of “disposable” income monthly and i’m living comfortably. more is better, but at present it just means i get to go on holidays… annually? good enough.
so in 20 years when i finish paying up the house loan, i could look for some respectable clerical job that gives me 20+ days of leave and just $2k monthly salary. (although, after adjustment for inflation, to live the same lifestyle as present, the number would be more like, say, $3300. i’m not too sure if salaries for clerical jobs will increase that much. i better start lobby for better benefits for clerical types.)

One response to “living on a prayer

  1. Anonymous 14-September at 3:23 pm

    Besides living the current lifestyle, you will need money for rainy days as well. So the more $$ the merrier!

    I had a few rainy days over the years… so its definitely good to have spare cash.

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