Waiting at SGH…

Queuing is very much a part of Singaporean life, but I wonder if they could do away with some of it by staffing more cashiers. Usually Clinic H (where my dad visits for his post-op checkups) has three cashiers, and another two nurses handling appointment booking.

After noon, either because the cashiers are on a long lunch break or because they only work morning shifts, the clinic is left with only one cashier. And she handles double duty booking appointments. Imagine every other patient with long-winded requests or questions… all adds up to an overflowing queue.

One of the patients just complained about the long wait (I heard it loud and clear because I’m taking up one of the ‘Reserved for Elderly’ seats right in front of the cashier/appointmenter) and the nurse retorted that she’s the only one doing all the work so patients must be, well, patient. When queried why none of the other nurses milling about behind the counter aren’t giving her a hand? The rest are new to the job and can’t handle it.

Ehhhhhhhh. There’s something wrong with the system somewhere. *sigh*

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