mission accomplished!

… kinda.

i climbed 5 routes today – 2 x kids, 2 x 5C, 1 x 5C+. I’m not sure if a route graded for kids can be considered as a “real” route… but hey! kids’ routes present their own challenge for us full-grown adults with full-grown legs and full-grown arms because of the awkward “first hold’s too near, second hold’s too far” placement. i wonder if i’d have fared better if i didn’t have aching arms from basketball… and maybe even better if i had a good chalk ball.

other things i did today:

– watched bridesmaid. i had the misconception that it would be a ladies’ version of a b-grade toilet humour movie, and i’m glad to report that it is. but it is also more than that. the conflict between the leads was well crafted, the characters were interesting, although the ending wasn’t satisfactory (to me).

– read patalliro!, a comic dating from 1970s, that’s, like, totally weird. in a funny way. although there’s overt homosexuality (but no pornographic scenes… yet?) so it’s probably rated R18. here’s a sample of (the author) mineo maya’s humour:

Patalliro! - Pokerface

Remember to read the comic from right to left!

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