universal power strips to charge US gadgets in SG. or UK.

after some late-night research, here’s some possibilities with no order of preference and no indication of the price, vendor or even (free) global shipping.

(links are courtesy of amazon affiliates which i’m trying out to earn nickels and dimes.)


St. Ives soap!

I <3 St. Ives!

Long time no post

Finally logged in (because I wanted to leave a comment on someone’s blog that didn’t allow anonymous access), so here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to.

It’s been slightly over a year that I’ve started work as a penetration tester (a.k.a the “hacker” facet of IT auditing, although I’ll use the term “hack” only to impress young poly students). It’s “the Good Life” here, with a wonderful (direct, don’t know the rest well) manager and wonderful colleagues. One of the highlights is having a 20-minute commute instead of 120-minute in a jam; although I miss seeing the Marina skyline.

I’ve spent my free time mostly reading (comic-detective fiction) and re-reading (gone through Mercedes Lackey and going through Anne McCaffrey), often planning and re-planning (Sweden?? Norway?? Russia??) my northern lights expedition for the next spring break, and less often trying out recipes and blaming my aging oven when they fail.

ps: Planning to go Nusa Lembongan, Bali for my first dive in mid-Sep 2013 (yes, that’s less than two months away), anyone want to join in?

self portrait at company dinner& dance

One of the first to arrive at the company annual dinner.. The first, really, since everyone else who is here already are either a) one of the event organizers, b) performing on stage. And there are the waiting staff (as in, waiters and waitresses, not as in, me who is waiting for everyone) who declined my request for plain water because the event hasn’t started. But the invite said 6pm!!!!

Anyway, here’s a shot of me, in my DSTA jersey, at the EY dinner. Heh.

picture of Hammie at MBS

Lastly, the combination of company initials and color scheme makes me feel like I’m at a Eusoff Hall event.

Going to play more Scramble with Friends and Drop 7!


facial scrub (mine is neutrogena) tastes terrible. and the taste lingers even after you gargle and rinse a dozen times.

please follow instructions on the label and avoid accidental ingestion.

i’m going to drink some listerine to get the taste out. blearghhhh.

living on a prayer

that’s what the radio is playing… and it just seemed oddly related.

hah. anyway… on my morning commute (that’s about 10 minutes of standing by the road + 10 minutes of sitting in a cab) i was thinking that i have a house loan that eats up a huge chunk of my income each month. so i have $2k of “disposable” income monthly and i’m living comfortably. more is better, but at present it just means i get to go on holidays… annually? good enough.
so in 20 years when i finish paying up the house loan, i could look for some respectable clerical job that gives me 20+ days of leave and just $2k monthly salary. (although, after adjustment for inflation, to live the same lifestyle as present, the number would be more like, say, $3300. i’m not too sure if salaries for clerical jobs will increase that much. i better start lobby for better benefits for clerical types.)